Salem Sayers Baptist Academy

A Christian School Serving San Antonio And The Surrounding Area Since 1984
We don't teach to the test, we simply teach
Accredited through National Association of Private Schools

If you are tired of the politics of education,
take a good look at us.

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Our Philosophy Of Education


Salem Sayers Baptist Academy (SSBA) and SSBA Kingdom Kids (child development center) exist as a ministry for and partner with parents whose hearts’ desire is to train up their children in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe there are two world-views, Biblical and Non-Biblical. We believe it is the Christian’s responsibility to encourage and instruct from a Biblical world-view. We believe,

 The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and sincere faith”      1Timothy 1:5.


Therefore, our educational focus is to under-gird each student with the fundamentals of the Christian faith and to stimulate them to learn and evaluate knowledge in the light of Biblical truth, to encourage growth of Christian character, and to help them accept their responsibility in faithful Christian service.