Kingdom Education

As you prepare to enroll your children for the 2016-2017 school year, here are the questions* that should guide your decision:

1. Is the education of your child following the principles of
Christ or the traditions of this world?

2. How has the postmodern teaching concerning the denial of absolute truth impacted your life and the lives of your children?

3. Is the importance of your child’s education merely academic or are you looking for the education of your child to also be based on the truth of God’s Word?

4. Do your children have a firm foundation giving them support in the education that they are receiving at home, church, and school?

At Salem Sayers Baptist Academy, it’s about more than academic training—we believe in Kingdom education—training up children to grow in the knowledge of His word, to love
the Lord God their Creator, and to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ on a day to day
basis. Our prayer is that when our students would grow to adulthood, they will not leave Him but grow old with Him! Please prayerfully consider join us in building Kingdom children for His glory.

Call to enroll your child today.

Trusting in our Creator,

Mrs. Nancy Allen

*From Kingdom Education by Glen Schultz. 2005, Nashville: Lifeway Press. p. 35

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